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 Istukas Over Disneyland

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PostSubject: Istukas Over Disneyland   Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:19 pm

My friend's Francis, the singer. We used to work together. It's a shame there isn't more info available about them on the web. But If anyone could post some stuff, like info on them or pics of the band or whatever, that'd be awesome.
So here's a little info on them, taken from

"Istukas Over Disneyland play tight, catchy oi/punk influenced by the likes of Cocksparrer, Red Alert, and The Business. They have a full-length album All Been Said Before under their own label, Love From Hate Records. They’re going to have a split LP soon with an Indonesian band, Crashed Out Under Maloka and W.G.F Records from France. They have recorded a new twelve-song demo that they intend to release sometime this year. They are currently looking for interested parties to help them with the release. My favorite local oi/punk band!"
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no love lost

no love lost

PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:57 pm

first to comment !! todo suporta from the pulilan pitaklangs!! haha
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:08 am

so gooooood
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:26 pm

lupeeet ng bagong record nyo brod,musta na ?ano nga pala yung collective nyo jan tol sa pampanga saka sa tarlac?may kopya ka pa pala ng unang album nyo?salamat pala ulit sa scene report,patapos na yung REALtightCREW zine konti na lang tol.keep in touch.
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:34 am

ekonomiya ekonomiya ekonomiya
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francis jordann david

PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:43 pm

salamat kay we are the problem sa pagpost nya ng comment/information ng banda namen. bale kasama ko siya last year sa trabaho at tiga-new york at nakatira na ngayon sa QC. hindi pa siya nakakanuod ng mga local shows at gusto nya makapanuod so sana yung mga kids na kilala na siya e invite nyo para ma-experience naman nya mga shows dito sa pinas.
salamat din pala sa mga kaibigan na nagpost ng comment at sana magkasama-sama uli tayo sa mga susunod na mga gigs. kay archie ng no peace in silence, archie ng guerra mundial, rupert ng eskapo at kay dhira2dharma. out na nga pala Deadly Rhythms from the Production line 4 way split CD with Kill Ratio, La Grita, Eskapo at banda namen under Take Four Collectives, Delusion of Terror at Love from Hate. salamat sa suporta/bumili ng kopya at suportahan din natin mga local bands na may mga releases na. salamat din sa Bystorm (mic, cris, denver, dangie), zepol Non-Compliant Issue, xLedx Major Malfunction, butch Take 4 Collectives sa pag invite nyo samin last sunday matinee at sa lahat ng mga banda tumugtog, dumalo, Ten 02 bar. kay Dyey reyes para sa tshirt printing at design at sa lahat ng bumili at nakipag-trade maraming salamat. try ko maglagay ng mga reviews at new photos ng banda sa susunod na mga araw at sa ngayon 5 piece na uli kami. si Marly nagguitar na uli at si Anthony ng luvstaind bago bassist ng banda. maraming salamat at wag kayo magsawa!

formed in May 1994. present line up: Marly (guitars/vocals), Jake (guitars), Sherwin (drums), Anthony (bass) and Francis (vocals).

V/A - "Up Yours" Cassette Tape (MFP) ?
The Istukas Over Disneyland "All Been Said Before" CDR (Love from Hate) January 2003
The Istukas Over Disneyland "S/T" CDR (Nikudan Records) March 2005
The Istukas Over Disneyland "All Been Said Before" CDR (Cat Food Money Records) re-released May 2005
The Istukas Over Disneyland/Crashed Out Split CD (Kepala Eskorbuta Records/Maloka Distro) July 2005
The Istukas Over Disneyland "O Guinu" CD (Cat Food Money Records) August 2005
V/A - "Prom di Nort! Vol. 2" CDR (Northern Territory Records) August 2007
V/A - "Know Your Enemy" CDR (Dirty Shoes Records) December 2007
V/A - Ing Balayan Da Reng Guinung Pasugal" CDR (Love from Hate) March 2008
V/A - "Wag Nyong Gwain'ta sa Bahay" Cassette Tape (Don't try this at Home Records) April 2008
V/A - "Deadly Rhythms from the Production Line" CD (Take Four Collective/Delusion of Terror/Love from Hate) January 2009
V/A – “Take Four Collective Sampler Vol. 2” CDR (Take Four Collective) August 2009
V/A – “Into the South – Cebu 2009 Tour” CDR (Love from Hate/Northern Territory/Customized Freedom Collective) September 2009
V/A - "Northern Territory CD Sampler Volume 1" CDR (Northern Territory Records) February 2010
V/A - "Pilipinas Thrash Detonation" Cassette Tape (Still Ill) June 2010
V/A - "Underground Asia" Compilation CD (Delusion of Terror/Love From Hate) September 2010
Eskapo/Istukas Over Disneyland Split 7" ep (Darbaouka Records) September 2010

review from Razor Cake
O Guinu: CD
Mid tempo to sometimes fast garagey pop punk from the Philippines. Mostly sung in English, but there are a few numbers that I believe are sung in Tagalog: the title track being one of them. That track stood right out with a smoother flow of vocal delivery while they blazed through a faster punk number. The English tracks tend to sound slow to compensate for the uncomfortableness of the language. The Tagalog tracks are the memorable tracks which showcases their energy. The other tracks just come off unpolished and awkward. –Donofthedead (Cat Food Money)

review from la cosa nuestro

One of the most anticipated releases from Take-Four Collective, Delusion of Terror Records and Love from Hate Records, this 4-way split features two bands from the Philippines and two from California, although Eskapo is definitely a Pinoy hardcore punk band.

ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND kicks off the hostilities with their own brand of fast and at times melodic politically-charged hardcore punk straight from San Fernando, Pampanga. This band has definitely improved and changed a lot since I first saw them. This is their best work to date and it f’n rocks. The guitar tone reminds me a lot of latter-era Vitamin X, though less of the fast thrashy riffs of VX. IOD does it best when they sing in their native tongue. Though you rarely see them at shows, these guys are one of the best local acts around. Songs about war, the influence of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in Philippine policies, minimum wages will definitely have you thinking and checking out this band for more.

LA GRITA comes from California and proceeds to destroy in the second part of this CD. They blaze through nine tracks of fast hardcore punk. The lyrics are in Spanish but the inlay provides for English lyrics. By the way, what happened to the Spanish lyrics? Songs deal about the capitalist system, propaganda machinery of the rich and living in the USA as Hispanci minority. Definitely comparable to classic bands such as Los Crudos and Huasipungo, in music and lyrics alike. Awesome shit here.

KILL RATIO is up next and they play 7 tracks of From Ashes Rise/Victims inspired fast hardcore. They have progressed since their demo CD-R and I think they’re just getting better. They start off with a gun being cocked and then they click on all four cylinders. Fck yeah. These guys rip. The dual vocals and haunting melodies are sick. Songs about poverty and war with the lyrics painting a dark imagery of the chaos to come. “We march behind a big black hearse carrying with us what used to be dreams and and passions everything that mattered, maimed and slaughtered before our eyes, the path we are treading leads to our own demise, freedom waste away…”

This CD coincided with the recent ESKAPO Pilipinas Tour this January and the aforementioned band blazed through 7 tracks of more fast hardcore punk to close out this CD. They start off with ‘Wind of Hell’ from their full-length of the same title. These guys were awesome live in their recent tour and their previous full-lengths and they did not disappoint with the songs in this CD. Songs about military oppression, the International Customs Enforcement, the effects of World War II and greed. Rupert never fails to amaze me on how he writes lyrics in the vernacular. I hope they come back next year. Also, watch out for Echo of Bullets…

The packaging of this CD is done by Mr. Dangleregs and as usual, the guy delivers. Looks a little like its taken from a Rage Against the Machine video but better. All in all, this CD is a great representation of what’s happening in the Pilipinas and California hardcore punk communities and the lyrics reflect what is happening outside our little punk rock communities. Listen to this and then grab that sledgehammer.,,

review from
This is the second album from long-running Philippine punk band the Istukas Over Disneyland. Through political and personal lyrics backed by punk music with hardcore, oi, and even pop touches, the band gives you a glimpse of life in the Philippines. Most songs are in English, but there are two numbers in Tagalog as well as two in Pampango (a dialect local to Pampanga) and even a track with English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Japanese all thrown into one! Also includes of cover of early Philippine punk legend Dead Ends "Won't Fool Me Again"! Booklet has lyrics and a brief explanation of each song's lyrical meaning.

review from Plastic Bomb (
In Asia condemns much does. Not only on the slave market, where western companies from Profitgeilheit are active. There is enormous Punkszenen with hundreds in Indonesia and on the Philippines volume, usually unconsidered from the western Punk municipality. That has naturally partially also its reason. Because what one gets to hear from there, is often only poorer to centralmagnificent standard. From sound, of the playful talents the volume and the texts written often in already embarrassingly bad English. From the Philippines comes volume with the grottenschlechten name a ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND. They play obliging/pleasing, quite good Oi! - Punk with correct texts, which like so often are however in terribly bad English. CRASHED OUT from Indonesia play a quite ill-considered mix from Anarcho Punk Hardcore Oi! with very political texts. Their sound is often only a raw, matschiger mash. One actually does not bring today times more than Demotape to Sowas raus. To that extent the hearing benefit is badly diminished. A durchwachsene CD with more shade than light. Micha. -

In Asien tut sich verdammt viel. Nicht nur auf dem Sklavenmarkt, wo westliche Konzerne aus Profitgeilheit aktiv sind. Es gibt in Indonesien und auf den Philippinen riesige Punkszenen mit hunderten Band, meist unbeachtet von der westlichen Punk-Gemeinde. Das hat natürlich zum Teil auch seinen Grund. Denn das, was man von dort zu hören bekommt, ist oft nur dürftiger bis mittelprächtiger Standart. Von Sound her, von den spielerischen Fertigkeiten der Bands und den oftmals in schon peinlich schlechtem Englisch verfassten Texten. Von den Philippinen kommt eine Band mit dem grottenschlechten Namen ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND. Sie spielen gefälligen, recht guten Oi!-Punk mit korrekten Texten, die aber wie so oft in schrecklich schlechtem Englisch sind. CRASHED OUT aus Indonesien spielen einen recht unausgegorenen Mix aus Anarcho-Punk-Hardcore-Oi! mit sehr politischen Texten. Ihr Sound ist oft nur ein roher, matschiger Brei. Sowas bringt man heute eigentlich nicht mal mehr als Demotape raus. Insofern ist der Hörgenuss arg geschmälert. Eine durchwachsene CD mit mehr Schatten als Licht. Micha.-

review from Filibusteros distro
Disc of this band of punk is the Second/rock of the Philippines. A situation very similar to ours, poverty, drug trafficking and fights, do that we pruned to identify to us with this group. Plenty of desire, very good ideas and brotherhood, we hoped to continue distributing its music. It is worth the pain oírlos and to read them.

Se trata del Segundo disco de esta banda de punk/rock de Filipinas. Una situación muy parecida a la nuestra, pobreza, narcotráfico y lucha, hacen que podamos identificarnos con este grupo. Llenos de ganas, muy buenas ideas y fraternidad, esperamos seguir distribuyendo su música. Vale la pena oírlos y leerlos.

review from Slug and Lettuce #85
This is an old school sounding punk band from the Philippines and it's pretty good. It kind of reminds me of early 80's punk with an Oi melodic sing along quality to it. They sing mostly in English but i really love the few songs that are in Pilipino. I really enjoy the way non English lyrics change what would often be a pretty normal punk song into something a bit different! These lyrics are pretty political and deal with punk topics like DIY and being anti-patriotic. I really like not only the music but the fact that it's from a place i don't hear a lot of music from. There is even a Dead Ends cover. (cat food money records/ (europian)

review from Profane Existence double issue #50/51
We get 17 tracks (including a live set tacked onto the end of the disc) of PunkFuckingRock/Hardcore on this compact disc that came all the way from the Philippines. Most of the vocals are done in English but there are a handful of tracks where the vocals are sung in their native language. They have included explanations of each song in English so even if we don't know the words from certain tracks we still know what they're talking about. They have also included a good cover of "Won't Fool Me Again" by the Dead Ends. There's lotsa catchy stuff on this that you can sing along with as well as plenty of fastcore shit that gives this a nice edgy feel. The religious imagery on the front and back cover kinda threw me at first, but when you take a closer look at the words and music it makes sense. Check it out. (Ciderpunk)

review from Incidental Afterthought #6
This is the best Filipino Oi album ever. The artwork is genuinely Filipino , which captures the essence because i've gotten my hands on a great album that's played by people who have no other reason but being so immensely passionate about (underground) music. My favorite song here is "Game Over", a song that tackles the popularity of sports but what it really supports. Yes, this song is similar in content with Void's "Organized Sports", though not in decibels. (laurence)

review from Pasazer #?
When i received record/band from the Philippines (do you know where is this? far?) i expect big exotic, but it's familiar punk. Only one song is in their language, and the rest is in English like everywhere. The CD includes two materials from 2001 and 2004, all 17 songs are their complete discography. The most songs sound like new bands who play 77, and looks nice. All fans of punk 77, street punk or Oi! should get this music "Made in Philippines". Although new materials have some shouted songs in old MDC style. I think in shouted songs, like in many Polish bands. All materials sounds good, but it was not record in good studio. Even in Eastern Europe are better studio but maybe there was good achievement? When i see the band's name, I'm curious if they are a fan of the band, Dickies? Nikudan Records (Poland) (Bezkoc)

review from We're Gonna Fight #3
Ups! that is a weird review to do, well i am in contact with Francis, the very nice involved Philipino skinhead and so i asked to hear his band cos it is existing since 7 years i think? so it is a very powerful evil dark trash to death over metal or a street punk band i don't remember. Well with a mid-tempo rhythm and nice bass lines. Unfortunitelu on this recording we almost can't hear the guitar and that is spoiling the songs (hey it is a demo!) with raw & noisy one it would be perfect! (I understand me!) We have a the Partisans and a Cock Sparrer cover. Hopefully there are 2 songs which have a studio sound and we can see that this band deserve really more, seriously! Oh yes there is a great reggae/ska song. Plus the lyrics are sometimes really great (for a street punk band, who still guessed it was a dark metal..?), so yes a cliche songs like party/drink and one against rich kids going to clubs (equivalent of 'Nuit Blanche'!) but really anti state/police songs and read the lyrics explanation of Sex Scandal elsewhere. That is really what i think a "true Oi! working class is! (995 chances to read an interview in WGF #4). Seb

Review from Profane Existence #54
All Been Said Before released in 2001, took a while to get here I guess, is the first released by ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND. This disc is ten poppy upbeat tunes about hanging out, unity, drinking beer, hating disco kids and then they burst out some politics. Struggle for Survival and Betrayed Hopes (a total fist pumpin track) are pretty solid anti authority tracks, there’s an anti-cop tune called Gigs of the Pigs and an anti sexual abuse number called Sex Scandal. This record covers a lot of territory and it’s a bit angst-y at times but check it out. Nice for a Saturday afternoon. (stinkbot) Cat Food Money Records

review from The Real Strength blogspot
The Istukas Over Disneyland-"All Been Said Before"CDR
Thanks to Zepol for this cd.
IOD was formed by a group of punk friends back in 1994 in San Fernando, Pampanga. Being heavily influenced by Street Rock/Oi!. This was the band's debut release under their own label Love From Hate Records back in 2001.
IOD was among the first wave of Pampanga punks who helped keep their scene alive and it is admirable to note that they're still at it today. In fact, the latest offering under T4R's 4-way split (Deadly Rhythms..) is proof that this band has matured musically, which is only natural.
Enjoy the band at it's rawest. This is one of the scene's more noteworthy, hardworking bands that deserves all the support and respect we can give back.
(Jep Peligro) Http://

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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:34 pm

I guess it took me years to say this..
one of the most hardworking band i've met.

..maaga dumadating sa show, will play kahit anong slot kahit madalang ang tao, will make an effort to attend kahit di makakatugtog, kahit ano mangyari alang reklamo, at pag nakita mo always ready with a smile.

yihee. lol!

seriously, yung vox e isa sa pinakadedicated pero humble na taong nakilala ko.
sabi nga nila, SIMPLE pero ROCK. hahaha cheers

Amen to francis.
You deserve all of this.

salute salute salute
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:16 pm

i yoichiro ini koy! mikit-ikit tana mu next gig! mabuhay IOD
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:12 pm

Out the boys pa din!!!!
see you guys next time
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:34 pm

salamat sa suporta sa band santelmo, kita kita tayo sa april 3 freedom bar thnks
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Tue Nov 08, 2011 12:26 pm

atsu ta king gera! atsu ta king gera!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:01 pm

Musta na Francis?
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francis jordann david

PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:25 pm

uy rup mabuti naman. kaw musta na din? contact ka na ba ni popoy? busy daw sa trabaho e.
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:08 pm

any news for Iodl? ..
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PostSubject: Re: Istukas Over Disneyland   

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Istukas Over Disneyland
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