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 Phibes demo FFO: TSOL, Controllers, Eyes, Adolescents

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PostSubject: Phibes demo FFO: TSOL, Controllers, Eyes, Adolescents   Thu May 05, 2011 11:09 am

Hello from the United States. Phibes has just released our first demo earlier this year. You can hear some tracks from the demo at:

copies can be purchased here:

Here's some reviews from some zines and distros in case you can't listen

Coming out of New Jersey with this short tape, Phibes throws its hat into the ring of bare-bones melodic hardcore in the tradition of Zero Boys and California's Youth Brigade. This is some lean, straightforward USHC that manages to meld twitching manic energy with hooks that are just this side of pop punk. That's all cool in my book. And it even sounds good on my shitty tape deck!-MRR

New band outa New Jersey featuring all current members of WORMEATERS. and the guitar played of RIP IT UP. Mike from RIU takes over vocal duties while PJ moves over to guitar. The debut demo departs from the aggressive, thrashy speed driven riffs of their other bands, and takes a turn towards a more, melodic punk style. Reminiscent of bands such as Adolescents, The Germs, T.S.O.L and Battalion of Saints. Great demo. Proud to call these guys my friends.-Deny Everything

Fancy stuff, Jeff had these demos pro printed with full color cover art and they're even SEALED! So crazy to me, why is underground punk and HC getting so fancy? 5 songs of vintage SoCal sounding HC/punk from... New Jersey? I mean the same could have been somewhat said for Chronic Sick (whom they've covered) but this takes elements from early Suicidal, Germs (GI LP especially), Battalion of Saints' faster tracks, DI and Pig Children. Really good too, I was very pleasantly surprised by this demo when I got it towards the end of 2010. Consists of members of such guilty parties as Bloodtype, Wormeaters and SPG and no its not only just Jeff! 250 pressed of this GREAT demo tape, someone do something for these guys! (I would but I got too much on my plate)-Cowabunga Records

Demo tape from this brand new New Jersey featuring most of Wormeaters, but rather than the blistering hardcore that band is know for, Phibes go for a dark, catchy punk vibe a la TSOL or Battalion of Saints without sacrificing any of the aggression you know these guys are capable of. This shit is absolutely KILLER, and if you are digging on the Shards LP that I put out you'll definitely want to check out these guys as well... definitely one of the best demos I've heard in awhile. Great packaging, too, including full color covers and pro-printed tapes that look fucking awesome. -Sorry State
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Phibes demo FFO: TSOL, Controllers, Eyes, Adolescents
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