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 u.k.nams hate thread

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PostSubject: u.k.nams hate thread   Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:51 pm

qc-makati-pasay ska punk rock and roll
no eps yet
no albums yet
lots of gigs
are we diy?yes none of us ever were really manufactured,we were made by our parents to basically spread the word.which is nothing much really.
our music?fun,sick and very badly played.we cant care.we dont care.

why i posted this?cause id like you and the others to know there is such a band/gang/crew.that means before you post something thats not nice about us,you can direct it just a poor ilocano boy so ders no need for fucking band drinks hard,doesnt play well with others,fucks as hard as we play,we play bad covers of specials,clash and whatever.we eat dogs too(sorry guys) and fond of cubao clubs and girlie bars with naked there.hate us.let us be.
post all the hate your little balls can muster!padayon!
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PostSubject: Re: u.k.nams hate thread   Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:02 pm

u.k. nams gis sked

oct 2 herstory
up pisigman delta sorority
tomato bomb,xavierville,qc

oct 3 nayon tenor event
villa blanca hotel,tugugarao, cagayan

oct 4 aparri cagayan
calm before the storm(naks house party lang to malamang!)

oct 10 tuguegarao cagayan,benefit for pepeng courtesy of nayon tenor

oct 16 another night, another story(gasp)
mighty contras,shuffle union,neighbors,marcos cronies,steady movin beat,nor for sale,squat,state of calamity,end of man, antropine, tsunami tsunami, ancient warlord,palnet ssh, birds in formation, tasa etc
brought to you by la luchador records

oct 17 skate competition
up diliman
alotta bands(parang sa 16 lang,most of em!)
brought to you by la luchador records,up pisigma fraternity,channel v(huh?)

ayan!will post pics soon.see you at these gigs!~ Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: u.k.nams hate thread   Fri Oct 09, 2009 8:05 pm

oct 24 mfpi mid year climb
tarlac eco park
with marcos cronies,shuffle union,mass hypnosia,sacrilegion etc
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PostSubject: Re: u.k.nams hate thread   Mon Nov 16, 2009 7:04 pm to see for yourself.anyway these are the scheds of our gigs:

nov 20 fri
bri iw bar kamining qc
middle class productions
performances from uknams,tasa,breastfeed,balingkuko,malignant,drill etc

nov 27
genre bar cubao x(thats in gateway btw)
herstory by up pi sigman delta
perfromances from shuffle union, marcos cronies and uknams

nov 28
up diliman
luchador records
skate till you drop
featuring uknams,sacrilegion,shuffle union,mass hypnosia,skabeche and well 20 other bands

dec 5
guerilla radio bar pasig
indiependents day tone party by the luchador records team
exhibits by liptone pedals,max rufo and arcee custom guitars
performances from uknams,mass hypnosia,sacrilegion,marcos cronies etc etc(dami din e)

and last but not the least..................

the indiependents day festival on dec 15 at up diliman
whats so cool about this?well chew this:

1.its not a concert,its a festival.that means more that your usual brainless music party.

2. 4 (four?what?wtf?) stages ala woodstock:

noise stage
that means business as in noise galore coming from the best in the ug circuit.punk metal hardcore metalcore black death grind etc fests.headbanging galore baby!mass hypnosia,piledriver,sacrilegion,end of man,etc headlines this stage.

world music stage
you kiddin me?haha/ethnic folk blues rock and roll ska and reggae stage rolled into one big spliff of a party.roll a fat one friends for you will be blown(in a good way!hehe) by reggae mistress,kontragapi,skabeche,coffebreak island,shuffle union,pulikats,steady movin beat,talahib or well howl at the moon junkie.haha.

alternative/hip hop/experimental stage
well this is where the usual college kid go.its going to noob fest all the way.or well poppy beatlesque shit.wahtever,its going to be a cool stage ayt?

what the fuck stage?wtf?
this is where teh really crazy goes.this is where extreme,gore,obnoxious,funny and well in your face way beyond the borders artists(gasp) will play.well it might just be an excuse for rellay crazy people to strut whatever they have on a it stand up comics,magicians or just plainly weird stuff like melodic farting this is where they go.its just our way of saying we are an equal opportunity might also mean that we just want to have them lump in the crazy shit stage so as not to disturb partying folks over.

go there for the beer,the chicks,the guys,the gays or well the goats for those really crazy ones among us!hehehe.
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PostSubject: Re: u.k.nams hate thread   

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u.k.nams hate thread
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